Frequently Asked Questions

How do you differ from the other funding companies?

Unlike Banks or many other lending firms, we have access to an extensive list of different lenders, offering a wide variety of loan options for any purpose that helps you start, improve or grow your business.  We find affordable options for almost ANY type of borrower.
We help with both traditional funding as well as capital for those with more challenging needs.

Are your rates more expensive than others?

Because we have access to a large number of lenders and loan options with only one application and NO APPLICATION FEE, we are typically save you more money than other companies.

What kind of qualifications do I need for approval?

We understand that every business is unique and therefore do not require a standard set of qualifications. We recommend applying or contacting us so we can learn more about your individual needs.

How long does it take to get funds?

Once approved, we can deposit funds into your bank account as quickly as one business day. In some cases, it can take a few days before you can access funds.

Does my credit score matter?

There is always more to your story than a simple credit score can tell.
While your credit score is important, it's not the only factor we consider. We are generally much more lenient than other lending firms in terms of acceptable credit scores.